Thursday, 1 December 2016

How To Spend One Lunch Hour- Have a Celebration Lunch!

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Today, Thursday 1 Dec 2016 the choir had its celebration lunch celebrating a well deserved effort in choir this year. 

It was outside R24 under the trees beside the tall wire fence which runs parallel with the railrway tracks. 

A extremely well organized and successful time with all of the work and preparation  done by Ms Tessa Willis and Mrs Tania Dobbs.

All choir members were invited to this very special occasion.

Thank you Tessa and Tania for the work and time you put into organizing this wonderful celebration lunch.

Other people who I would like thank and acknowledge are
Whaea Addy who lent the tables for her room for the lunch, the children who helped Ms Tessa Willis and Mrs Julie Widger who allowed Ms Tessa time to organize the celebration lunch.

Choir members can see more on choir website.

Mr K