Friday, 18 November 2016


The children in our amazing choir shone bright as the sun at the Kamo Club on Thursday 17th Novemeber 2016 as they sang their hearts out to an audience of appreciative and supportive listeners at the Governments Suerannuitants Association's annual Christmas luncheon.

The 30 minute programme consisted of catchy NZ songs, cool dances and fun dancing to the rhythms,  beats and music of 'The Chicken Dance','Clap Clap' and 'She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain.'

Every one was so well behaved and a credit to themselves, their families and our school.

Children in the choir can see themselves performing on the choir website.

 Next week the children in the choir will be attending a half day rehearsal at Forum North on Tuesday the 22nd November 2016 as they prepare for the evening show singing 17 NZ songs with children from other schools and Nathan King the main act.

 The two soloists Ngamihi Manihera (R19) and Ella Currie (R22) along with rapper Kobi Walker (R19) will audition to get major singing parts and the rapping part at the morning rehearsal on Tuesday for the evening's show strting at 7.30 p.m. Sarah-Lace Pitman (R21) will play Mr K's ukulele during the evening show for the song 'Ukulele Medley.' All the very best to each of them.