Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Cheetahs Rock!

Some students in the beginning Cheetahs' ukulele group pose for a photo. Starting at back row from left are Liam, Mataio. Kate, Tamsin and Emma.

Students Enjoying a Lunctime Choir Practice

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At a lunchtime practice last week these  students  along with the rest of the choir were working on a song with great enthusiasm. In the top row from left to right are Ava, Brearna, Tisharn and Aphelia all of Room 18. Just below is are Brooke and Kameta from Room 17.

The choir will be singing 3 songs in the Cameron Street Mall next Fiday the 26th August 2016 as part of Daffodil Day. All the very best to the choir.

TIGER Player Of the Day

A very special congratulations goes to Taine of Room 21 for being player of the day at the TIGERS' ukulele lesson on Monday 15th August 2015. He was very helpful and tuned ukuleles for others. 

Starting at the front from the left are Ashley, Teuila, Taine, Tammy, Anya, Amber-Lyla, Taimania, Sivana, Alia & Ethan.

This is part of the group travelling to AUCKLAND to play 17 ukulele tunes in a 3000 strong ukulele orchestra at the VECTOR ARENA on Saturday  the 3rd December 2016 next term.

This group meets for before school lessons every Monday morning at 8.15 a.m. That is COMMITMENT!