Sunday, 4 December 2016

An Incredible 10th NZ Ukulele Festival!

On Saturday the 3 December 16 students from Whangarei Primary School and some of their families travelled to the Vector Arena in Auckland to take part in the 10th New Zealand Ukulele Festival. 31 children and adults travelled in a comfortable RITCHIES 36 seater chartered bus. Absolutely top notch behaviour from all on the bus. The bus group was fantastic, perfect in fact.

It was such a fun day with a great atmosphere. The 10th NZ Ukulele Festival was on Saturday. Honoka and Azita from Hawaii were the main act - if you've never seen them, watch them on You Tube - talk about inspirational! Well over 100 schools took part.

The 17 songs including some Kiwileles’ favourites and some new songs were played by a 2000 strong ukulele orchestra which our 16 children were part of. Even a few parents and a pupil who used to be at WPS joined us up in our performance area. Kids strummed their hearts out.

Two boys Taine Reader and Ethan Worthington walked proudly around the arena baring one of our schools banners. When Jackie Clarke called our ‘Whangarei Primary School!’ from the stage on her microphone there was a loud cheer from our group!

The pupils in the ukulele orchestra have been meeting before school once a week to learn the songs for the festival, looking forward to the bid day for 2 terms.

It was as a great day on Saturday. I want to thank each and every one of the parents for being present and involved in some way. A special thanks also to Tessa Willis who was an awesome help with organisation, helping to ensure all went smoothly and well.

There hasn't been another instrument yet, that has brought together so many kids and families. Looking forward for many years to come and possibly filling out Vector Arena!

Watch the video on the music blog – who are the boys baring the banner?

Ukulele members can see more on the ukulele website.

George Karklins/Mr K

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