Saturday, 26 November 2016

Our Choir Simply Amazing at the “SLICE OF HEAVEN” Show

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Last Tuesday morning – 22 November 2016 - our choir walked down to Forum North to rehearse for the evening “SLICE OF HEAVEN” Kids For Kids World Vision show with main act NATHAN KING.

Along with 6 other schools the massed choir sang sweet and lively renditions of 17 historic and modern day favourite and popular NZ songs featuring soloists, a rapper and an awesome ukulele band along with Nathan King. 

The other schools that made up the massed choir with Whangarei Primary School were: Tangowahine School,  One Tree Point School, Purua School, Glenbervie School,  Waiotira School and  Maungatapere School.

The soloists and rapping parts were auditioned while the ukulele player was chosen by me. It was so neat that each of our 4 children got major parts in some of the songs after convincing the judges to pick them for the soloists and rapping parts. 

Congratulations go to Ella Currie (R22) and  Ngamihi Manihera (R19) for winning soloists parts in the songs “Something Good” and “Make You Mine” – they both sang their hearts out in front of a packed evening audience wowing a very impressed excited crowd. You did us proud girls!

We must not forget the rapper finalist Kobi Walker (R19). He rocked the crowd  and wowed everyone with his sweet cool moves as  he rapped along with Nathan King in “How Bizarre” Wow! How amazing Kobi! How bizarre that he even fooled his family! Lots of laughs over this one!

Last but not least Sarah-Lace Pitman with my Kala  ukulele was amazingly awesome  sitting on the bench seat right beside Nathan King playing along with Medley, “Ukulele Medley.” She  was great! I think she should join the ukulele group next year.

Our choir – what does one say? Outstanding! Excellent! Behaviour and enthusiasm from the children were second to none!

This will go down in history as a wonderful reminiscent experience that will stay in the memories of both old and young in the coming days ahead.

A special thanks goes out to the teachers and parents who were able to assist in lots of ways.

Families of children in the choir and choir members are able to see photos and videos of themselves on the choir website.

Mr K

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