Saturday, 10 December 2016


On Saturday evening at 6.37 p.m.  at the Toll Stadium 33 choir members lead the carols at the Christmas Festival. The students sang their hearts out to a crowded audience of on lookers and participants.  

The students ‘glowed’ and ‘shone’ after enjoying the kindness of the Whangarei District Council which again provided tasty pizza for all to eat and rooms for the choir to gather in.

They then donned Santa hats adorned with sparkling & shining red, blue, green and gold coloured tinsel to ready themselves for their momentous performance.  

How special this evening was. The choir sang 6 carols including, ‘Medley’, ‘Grandma Got Run over By A Reindeer’, ‘Little Drummer Boy’, ‘Away in A Manger’, ‘Silent Night’ and last but not least ‘Rudolph the red-Nosed Reindeer’ which was sang with Santa.

They smiled, they sang loud and they moved energetically to the incandescent, throbbing beats of cool sounding music.

Chloe-Mae Mostert did an excellent job of leading the actions for the choir to follow. Mrs Dobbs and I stood by  proudly as the children sang.

This will be a moment in time when all will remember the awesome time they had on Saturday evening the 10th December at the Toll Stadium in 2016.

A special thanks to all the parents and staff who made the evening a successful and enjoyable one by turning up to support and cheer on our great choir..

Choir members and their families can see more on choir website.


George Karklins

Sunday, 4 December 2016

An Incredible 10th NZ Ukulele Festival!

On Saturday the 3 December 16 students from Whangarei Primary School and some of their families travelled to the Vector Arena in Auckland to take part in the 10th New Zealand Ukulele Festival. 31 children and adults travelled in a comfortable RITCHIES 36 seater chartered bus. Absolutely top notch behaviour from all on the bus. The bus group was fantastic, perfect in fact.

It was such a fun day with a great atmosphere. The 10th NZ Ukulele Festival was on Saturday. Honoka and Azita from Hawaii were the main act - if you've never seen them, watch them on You Tube - talk about inspirational! Well over 100 schools took part.

The 17 songs including some Kiwileles’ favourites and some new songs were played by a 2000 strong ukulele orchestra which our 16 children were part of. Even a few parents and a pupil who used to be at WPS joined us up in our performance area. Kids strummed their hearts out.

Two boys Taine Reader and Ethan Worthington walked proudly around the arena baring one of our schools banners. When Jackie Clarke called our ‘Whangarei Primary School!’ from the stage on her microphone there was a loud cheer from our group!

The pupils in the ukulele orchestra have been meeting before school once a week to learn the songs for the festival, looking forward to the bid day for 2 terms.

It was as a great day on Saturday. I want to thank each and every one of the parents for being present and involved in some way. A special thanks also to Tessa Willis who was an awesome help with organisation, helping to ensure all went smoothly and well.

There hasn't been another instrument yet, that has brought together so many kids and families. Looking forward for many years to come and possibly filling out Vector Arena!

Watch the video on the music blog – who are the boys baring the banner?

Ukulele members can see more on the ukulele website.

George Karklins/Mr K

Thursday, 1 December 2016

How To Spend One Lunch Hour- Have a Celebration Lunch!

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Today, Thursday 1 Dec 2016 the choir had its celebration lunch celebrating a well deserved effort in choir this year. 

It was outside R24 under the trees beside the tall wire fence which runs parallel with the railrway tracks. 

A extremely well organized and successful time with all of the work and preparation  done by Ms Tessa Willis and Mrs Tania Dobbs.

All choir members were invited to this very special occasion.

Thank you Tessa and Tania for the work and time you put into organizing this wonderful celebration lunch.

Other people who I would like thank and acknowledge are
Whaea Addy who lent the tables for her room for the lunch, the children who helped Ms Tessa Willis and Mrs Julie Widger who allowed Ms Tessa time to organize the celebration lunch.

Choir members can see more on choir website.

Mr K  

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Smiling Faces Show It All at Senior Hui

On Wednesday 30th November 2016 last week at 2.30 p.m. the senior syndicate pupils gathered to witness the choir singing two songs and a presentation of certificates to 42 students in the choir 
who took part in the Kids For Kids World Vision show ‘SLICE OF HEAVEN’ at Forum North on the evening of Tuesday the  22 November 2016 as members of the massed choir with main act Nathan King.

A special thank you to some people who helped out for the hui:
Mr Isaac Jerez for sitting up a sound system in his lunch hour; Mr Pieter Hensen who organised seating for the parents and for Taine Reader for operating the video camera.

Mention must be made for Mrs Tania Dobbs and Ms Tessa Willis who assisted me in handing out the awards to choir members.

A big thank you to parents and supporters who attended the hui to watch everything happen. 

Last but not least a special thank you to teachers and their classes who were the audience.

Choir members can see more on the choir website.

Mr K

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Our Choir Simply Amazing at the “SLICE OF HEAVEN” Show

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Last Tuesday morning – 22 November 2016 - our choir walked down to Forum North to rehearse for the evening “SLICE OF HEAVEN” Kids For Kids World Vision show with main act NATHAN KING.

Along with 6 other schools the massed choir sang sweet and lively renditions of 17 historic and modern day favourite and popular NZ songs featuring soloists, a rapper and an awesome ukulele band along with Nathan King. 

The other schools that made up the massed choir with Whangarei Primary School were: Tangowahine School,  One Tree Point School, Purua School, Glenbervie School,  Waiotira School and  Maungatapere School.

The soloists and rapping parts were auditioned while the ukulele player was chosen by me. It was so neat that each of our 4 children got major parts in some of the songs after convincing the judges to pick them for the soloists and rapping parts. 

Congratulations go to Ella Currie (R22) and  Ngamihi Manihera (R19) for winning soloists parts in the songs “Something Good” and “Make You Mine” – they both sang their hearts out in front of a packed evening audience wowing a very impressed excited crowd. You did us proud girls!

We must not forget the rapper finalist Kobi Walker (R19). He rocked the crowd  and wowed everyone with his sweet cool moves as  he rapped along with Nathan King in “How Bizarre” Wow! How amazing Kobi! How bizarre that he even fooled his family! Lots of laughs over this one!

Last but not least Sarah-Lace Pitman with my Kala  ukulele was amazingly awesome  sitting on the bench seat right beside Nathan King playing along with Medley, “Ukulele Medley.” She  was great! I think she should join the ukulele group next year.

Our choir – what does one say? Outstanding! Excellent! Behaviour and enthusiasm from the children were second to none!

This will go down in history as a wonderful reminiscent experience that will stay in the memories of both old and young in the coming days ahead.

A special thanks goes out to the teachers and parents who were able to assist in lots of ways.

Families of children in the choir and choir members are able to see photos and videos of themselves on the choir website.

Mr K

Friday, 18 November 2016


The children in our amazing choir shone bright as the sun at the Kamo Club on Thursday 17th Novemeber 2016 as they sang their hearts out to an audience of appreciative and supportive listeners at the Governments Suerannuitants Association's annual Christmas luncheon.

The 30 minute programme consisted of catchy NZ songs, cool dances and fun dancing to the rhythms,  beats and music of 'The Chicken Dance','Clap Clap' and 'She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain.'

Every one was so well behaved and a credit to themselves, their families and our school.

Children in the choir can see themselves performing on the choir website.

 Next week the children in the choir will be attending a half day rehearsal at Forum North on Tuesday the 22nd November 2016 as they prepare for the evening show singing 17 NZ songs with children from other schools and Nathan King the main act.

 The two soloists Ngamihi Manihera (R19) and Ella Currie (R22) along with rapper Kobi Walker (R19) will audition to get major singing parts and the rapping part at the morning rehearsal on Tuesday for the evening's show strting at 7.30 p.m. Sarah-Lace Pitman (R21) will play Mr K's ukulele during the evening show for the song 'Ukulele Medley.' All the very best to each of them.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Ukulele Rehearsal - AWESOME!

 Ukulele Rehearsal a Roaring Success!

Seventeen children from our school attended the ukulele rehearsal yesterday at CHURCH UNLIMITED. They did us proud. Click the photo.